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- The Täfeli Story -

"Täfeli (sounds like Tastefully)
'Tay-Fel-lee' is Swiss/German for Sweet!

At Täfeli we continually scour the world for the most authentic and decadent product. From our
own childhood with grandparents to our own children today, we want to showcase those memories of
youth to the most discerning of palates. With fresh, never frozen products, we bring to you traditional
and select new recipes that will take your taste-buds on a worldly adventure! Tafeli shares with
you our decadent flavours for your past, present and tomorrow!


In a world of mass produced, high preservative products, Täfeli's focus is on fresh and natural ingredients
for our products. Handmade to every order, every ounce of product is prepared with no artificial
flavourings or preservatives - keeping to our promise that 'Quality is Key'. Taste our decadent difference!

Tastefully Yours - Tafeli

What Can We Do For You?

Here is what our customers are saying

"I know everyone enjoys a really great chocolate chip cookie. Tafeli's chocolate chip cookie is my favorite of all! It is so fresh and soft, plus you can totally taste the dark chocolate. It taste like the perfect homemade chocolate chip cookie."

- Naz Sohni Uppal (TV Personality, Radio Personality)

"Täfeli truly is a hidden gem! It is a cookie experience like no other."

- Asher A.

"All it took was one bite. Täfeli has quickly become my go to spot for an afternoon snack!"

- Gaurav M.

"A perfectly wrapped box of Täfeli cookies is my first choice for all my gifting needs!"

- Janet H.

"Every cookie is a delightful treat with so many different flavours and textures to enjoy. Absolutely amazing! Personal favourite is the Florentine"

- Brittany H.

"We drove to St. Albert from Wisconsin to visit my sister and her family when we came across this cookie company. Normally we don’t eat cookies as my kids have gluten, dairy, and egg allergies. They LOVED the almond crescents... I had a Florentine that was equally amazing!! If you’re in the area you need to stop! Thanks for making cookies my kids can eat!!"

- Cari L.